Mormons want you to read their old documents

The Mormons aren’t pleased about some old documents on Wikileaks, so they’re suing them to get the documents taken down.  Not only that, but they’re also threatening WikiMedia (because they linked to Wikileaks) and Scribd (because they briefly hosted a copy of the document).

It’s yet another case where it’s having the exact opposite of the desired effect.  Now everyone knows about these documents, and they’ll never be able to get them taken offline.

Why don’t these people understand how things work?

Barbara Bauer suing Wikipedia in order to hide information

Someone doesn’t like a literary agent by the name of Barbara Bauer.  Barbara wants to make sure we all know about it.

There was an article put up on Wikipedia that made her look quite bad, referring to her as the “dumbest of the twenty worst” agents, among other things.  The entry was deleted and replaced numerous times over the past year.

As Techdirt explains, Wikipedia is protected by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, meaning Barabara can go after the user the posted the information, but not after Wikipedia.  But where’s the fun in that?  Barbara has decided to sue Wikipedia, thinking that this will help keep things quiet.  Oops.

I think this entry at Slack Aliss’s Dump sums it up best:

You make an ill-aimed fuss about something you want kept quiet, and what happens? Everyone hears about whatever it is you want kept quiet. Me? I’d never heard of you. Now? I’m left with the impression (rightly or wrongly) that you’re a poor literary agent with a penchant for scatter-gun litigation. Sure sounds professional to me!