Ralph Lauren doesn’t like that you don’t like their ad

ralph-laurenRalph Lauren has a new ad out with an impossibly skinny model in it.  As Boing-Boing put it, “Dude, her head’s bigger than her pelvis”.

The ad was highlighted on PhotoshopDisasters, as an example of (we really hope) bad Photoshopping.  However, Ralph Lauren filed a (bogus) DMCA takedown notice on the post, which has since been removed.

That’s the end of it, right?  Post removed, story gone.  Ha!  BoingBoing has now covered the story, as has the Huffington Post, TechDirt and others.  Ralph Lauren filed a DMCA complaint against BoingBoing, but their ISP (Canada’s Priority Colo) knows what they’re doing, and didn’t remove the post.  They spoke with BoingBoing about it, and decided (rightfully) that the post can stay.

Not only can we all see the insane ad, but we can see just how out of touch Ralph Lauren is.

A public book-burning might not help hide that book.

baby-be-bopAccording to Techdirt, a group of people in Wisconsin are petitioning a local library for permission to burn “Baby Be-Bop“, the story of a gay teenager.

Of course, by making this big stink about wanting to burn the book (and suing for $120,000 because they were exposed to it), the book is gaining a lot of attention.

The louder they scream about this, the more attention (and sales) the book will see.