Don’t talk about the awful Besa Mexican Grill and Cantina

A women visited Besa Mexican Grill & Cantina in St. Louis and had a pretty bad experience. She found out that the owner funded the restaurant using illegally obtained money, a police officer stopped by to issue a warrant, and the food and service were both quite poor. She posted her thoughts on Yelp, a popular site for restaurant reviews.

The owner, Derek Onstott, found the review and was less than pleased. He called the women (he got her number from a mutual friend) and left a number of messages for her. Among other things, he threatened to:

  • Sue her for defamation of character.
  • “drag her name through the mud”
  • “mess up your life and job”

Well, you can see where this is going. Most rational people would have contacted the woman, apologized, and probably offered a free meal. End of story.

Not so in this case. You can read the full details over here, but the summary about should give you a pretty good picture. Derek Onstott is an absolute jerk, and now the world knows it.