Don’t make Canon look too good – mediocre is preferred

This is more “idiotic companies” than “Streisand effect”, but it’s still worth mentioning.

Canon has a new 5D MKII camera that apparently is quite awesome.  Robert Scoble was slobbering all over the awesomeness of it, and the CEO of SmugMug wrote a long blog post to show off the amazing video quality.  Canon should have been loving the free publicity.  Instead, they requested the footage be removed, but didn’t say why.  They have some of it posted on their own site, but in much lower quality.

Scoble hypothesizes that the super-HQ video at SmugMug was making someone at Canon look bad, but that’s pretty weak if it’s true.

The only thing I can figure is that it might be an attempt at a reverse Streisand Effect, something that’s never been pulled off successfully — generate publicity by trying to hide something, in the hopes that more people will see it.  In this case, maybe they’re hoping it will draw more attention to their camera.  Maybe it’ll work.  I still think they’re idiots.