D. Marvin Jones can’t let it go


It's kind of a sad story.  University of Miami law professor Donald Marvin Jones was arrested in 2007 for soliciting a prostitute.  He denied the claims, and the charges were later dropped.  The law blog AboveTheLaw had written a series of posts … [Continue reading]

Ralph Lauren doesn’t like that you don’t like their ad


Ralph Lauren has a new ad out with an impossibly skinny model in it.  As Boing-Boing put it, "Dude, her head's bigger than her pelvis". The ad was highlighted on PhotoshopDisasters, as an example of (we really hope) bad Photoshopping.  However, … [Continue reading]

Bank screws up; tries to sue Google so word doesn’t get out

Rocky Mountain Bank

A small bank in Wyoming made a double-oops last month.  They sent some sensitive information to the wrong Gmail address, but also included a document that shouldn't have been sent at all.  They didn't want their customers to learn of the breach, so … [Continue reading]

Rick Pitino wants the press to not report on his press conference

Rick Pitino

Rick Pitino, head coach of the Louisville basketball team, has sure made a big mess -- cheating on his wife, involved in an extortion attempt, and a variety of other strange things.  The problem is that he's making it worse. The story was starting … [Continue reading]

How to look bad: File a bad lawsuit, lose, then appeal anyhow


Sedgwick Claims Management looked bad, then worse, now awful.  A guy was upset with the company so he took some pictures of Sedgwick and put them on fake "wanted" posters.  Sedgwick responded by hiring a big national law firm (Lord Locke) to go … [Continue reading]