Did you know that Liskula Cohen is a skank?

Not only didn't I know she might be considered a "skank", I had never even heard of her.  However, because of a short-sighted lawsuit to uncover the identity of a blogger that called her that, a lot more people now know. This is another case where … [Continue reading]

Come connect with us on Facebook

Come join our new Facebook page to stay updated with the latest "Streisand Effects" that we find on the web.  If you come across one that we've missed, you can submit it to us through our contact form or just use Facebook. Thanks! … [Continue reading]

A moldy apartment, a tweet, and $50,000

This one is a perfect example of the Streisand Effect -- a company that has a small problem, they try to hide it, and it explodes! A woman in Chicago, Amanda Bonnen, was having some problems with her apartment so she sent the following Tweet: "Who … [Continue reading]

ESPN heavily promotes the Erin Andrews peephole video

A few weeks ago, a blurry video of a naked blond woman started circulating around the internet.  At the time, no one thought much of it. Then, ESPN determined that it was their own Erin Andrews and started issuing take-down notices to any sites that … [Continue reading]

A public book-burning might not help hide that book.

According to Techdirt, a group of people in Wisconsin are petitioning a local library for permission to burn "Baby Be-Bop", the story of a gay teenager. Of course, by making this big stink about wanting to burn the book (and suing for $120,000 … [Continue reading]

Barclays seems to have something to hide. Oops.

I'll open with the line TechCrunch opened with, because it summarizes this situation perfectly: The lawyers never seem to get the fact that some things just aren’t that interesting until they try to force people not to talk about them. And that’s cer … [Continue reading]

WPIX falls for April Fools joke and tries to use the DMCA to hide it

I hate companies like this and I'm glad that the internet can show everyone how stupid and arrogant they are.  Improv Everywhere is a group based in New York that does funny improv stunts around the city, such as sending a bunch of people into Best … [Continue reading]

MIT police officers are perfect, got it?

It's happened over and over.  Something is printed in a newspaper that an individual doesn't like, so they try to hide it by stealing and trashing as many of the newspapers as they can find.  How's that usually work out for them? In this case, it w … [Continue reading]

What’s up with Symantec and PIFTS?

A few days ago, users of Symantic's Norton Internet Protection software starting getting warnings about a file named Pifts.exe that was trying to access the internet.  While users struggled to figure out what this warning was about, Symantec kept … [Continue reading]

Make sure people don’t know that Ivell Marketing is a boring place to work

16-year-old Kimberley Swann had recently been hired by Ivell Marketing & Logistics to do some office administration work -- shred paper, scan documents, etc.  She updated her Facebook status a number of times to reflect how boring the work was.  S … [Continue reading]