MPAA promoting another site they hate

Is the MPAA this stupid, or does it just look that way?  Once again, they’re suing a website for copyright infringement and the result is that the site is getting a ton more traffic.

The site in question this time is, which links to sites that have various movies and TV shows online for you to watch. That’s right — the site being sued doesn’t even host the infringing content.

However, this story has already hit TechDirt and Reuters (and The Movie Blog, nobosh, cdrinfo, film-industry, etc), and is sure to get much bigger before it’s over.  I had never heard of this site before, but now I have.

Married With Children

Married With Children: Her Cups Runneth OverIn 1989, Terry Rakolta and her children were watching an episode of “Married… With Children” titled “Her Cups Runneth Over“.  She was shocked by some of the things she saw in the episode, such as a woman who took off her bra (Playboy’s Miss June 1985, Devin Velasquez), a homosexual and a man in stockings.

Terry wrote letters to all of the show’s sponsors and convinced some of them to cancel their commericals.  This led Terry to appear on some talk shows, and the story eventually hit the front page of the New York Times.

However, all of this publicity was great for the show — the ratings went through the roof and the publicity is sometimes considered the reason the show lasted so long.  In fact, the producers reportedly have sent a fruit basket to Rakolta every Christmas since then.