Samsung Phones

Samsung Phone BrokenThe Samsung SGH-X820 (also known as the “Ultra Edition”) is one of the thinnest phones available at only 6.9mm thick.

In September of 2006, a woman posted a video of her snapping the phone in half.  Samsung was obviously not pleased about this, so they had it removed from YouTube due to copyright infringement.  While copyright infrigement is not the right angle to take on this, it does appear that there might have been some tampering with the phone to make it easier to break.  However, Samsung still screwed this up.

Prior to them getting the video taken down, not many people had seen it.  Since then, it became a huge hit.  Not only have more people seen the video now, but Samsung’s reputation has taken a bit of a hit.

More info about this can be found at Mobile Business Magazine.

iPhone Skins

iPhoneWhen the iPhone was first unveiled in January, 2007, many people were very impressed with the slick look of the interface. As a result, a number of people starting making iPhone skins for smartphones (to make their phone look like an iPhone).

Apple attacked them legally, then took it a step further – they went after bloggers that simply reported on the skins.

As The Age says: “Ironically, Apple’s attempts to have the files removed from the web has only given the skins greater publicity, and they have already begun spreading to other websites.”