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facebook-iconCome join our new Facebook page to stay updated with the latest “Streisand Effects” that we find on the web.  If you come across one that we’ve missed, you can submit it to us through our contact form or just use Facebook.


We’ve switched to WordPress

Since I created this site about a year ago, it’s been running on a simple CMS that I built.  I finally took the plunge and converted to WordPress for a number of reasons.  The biggest two were so you could subscribe to our RSS feed if you wanted to stay updated, and so you could leave comments on items when you had something to say.

To help facilitate some comments, I’ve installed the “Top Commentators” plug-in.  This lists all of the top commentators in the sidebar on the right side of the site.  If you’re in that list and you’ve put a URL with your comments, it will automatically link your name to your site — it’s an easy way to get a nice backlink!

We hope that this new format makes the site easier to use.  If you have any story ideas that we’ve missed, please don’t hesitate to contact us.