Congressman Lives up to Reputation

Florida Congressman, Alan Grayson (Rep), should have kept his mouth shut (is that even possible for a politician?) when a local Florida resident expressed her views of the Congressman online.

Angie Langley set up a blog entitled, in parody to Grayson’s site,  Within the content of her blog Langley falsely claimed she was a constituent of Grayson’s district, amongst other negative propaganda against the politician.

In response to Langley’s site, Grayson sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder stating that she is misrepresenting herself as Grayson’s constituent, and should be fined and jailed for 5 years!

Not only did Grayson turn a non-issue into a major issue, but he also brought Langley’s campaign to the public eye.  Major news networks have posted articles on this story, and Langley has had some time in front of the camera herself.

Seems like the only person benefiting from Grayson’s request for imprisonment is Langley.  It’s certainly not Grayson.

Bill Kristol, Ronald Kessler and Newsmax

(via Xyre) In a column in the New York Times today, Bill Kristol stated that Barack Obama “was in fact in the pews” when his pastor, Jeremiah White, made some disparaging remarks about the United States last July.

It was pointed out very quickly that the information was incorrect, and Senator Obama was not at church that day. It turns out that Kristol’s source was an article by Ronald Kessler at Newsmax which asserted that Obama was there. Kessler knew that this didn’t reflect well on him, so cleaned up his Wikipedia entry to try to hide it. We know how well that worked out for him…