Charter boat service gets kicked out of marina and becomes very popular

Smokin’ Em Charters is a charter fishing service that used to operate out of the Fort Pierce City Marina.  Part of what Smokin’ Em offers is bikini-clad or topless women to accompany you while you fish.

After learning of this, the marina has kicked the company out for violating it’s “family-friendly atmosphere”.  Since being kicked out, the owner says “the phone has not stopped ringing” adding that “most of the calls have been from people interested in the tours”.

While I can understand the position of the marina, it sounds like the charter company was keeping it clean while near the shore.  In particular:

  • The women come to the boats fully clothed.
  • They wait to undress until away from shore.
  • Those going topless wait until they’re three miles out before removing their tops.
  • They have a strict no-touching policy.

Once again, a company outed as being “bad” has seen a dramatic increase in business after the issue came up.  The charter company is working on a petition to get the city to reconsider the decision to remove them from the marina, and to have the manager of the marina fired.  We’ll let you know the result of that if we find out.