The Pirate Bay gets another boost from clueless officials

The Pirate Bay seems to be getting a lot of help.  Earlier this year, the MPAA raided their data center and seized a bunch of equipment.  They made a very big show of this bust, telling everyone how they took down The Pirate Bay.  A few days later, the site was back up and running in a new home, and had a bunch more traffic thanks to the MPAA.

Now a similar thing is happening in Italy.  A prosecutor over there has told ISPs that they need to start blocking The Pirate Bay.  The site has already worked around the blocks, and now they likely have even more traffic as a result of the attempted ban.

(via TechDirt)

Never heard of Httpshare? Now you have, thanks to the IFPI.

Httpshare logoThe IFPI, the RIAA of the UK, has convinced a judge to have — a torrent tracking site — shut down.

The site is located in Israel, and doesn’t appear to be breaking any Israeli laws. Like many other sites, this site is simply a torrent search engine and it doesn’t actually host any infringing content. Mike Masnick predicts that this will end up being a big win for Httpshare, much like a similar situation with the Pirate Bay. Lots of people that have never heard of Httpshare (like you and me) are now curious about what’s going on. Traffic to the site is probably going to soar, but I’m guessing the IFPI will call it “a big blow in the war against piracy” or some garbage like that.

Paula Abdul

Paula AbdulIn early 2007, Paula Abdul appeared on the “Good Day LA” show and seemed to be a bit tipsy. Her and Fox explained her behavior as “technical difficulties”, but many people felt otherwise.

As the buzz was beginning to die down from the incident, Fox decided to send a DMCA takedown complaint to YouTube and demand that the videos be removed. As expected, this brought renewed interest in the story and many more people watched the video.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate BayThe Pirate Bay is well-known for their BitTorrent tracking and is a very popular place for people to share music, movies, software, etc.

In May of 2006, The Pirate Bay’s Stockhole were raided and their servers were seized. The MPAA considered it a major victory and made sure everyone knew about the raid.

Three days later, the site was back online and had to add more servers than before to handle the massive increase in traffic that the MPAA had pointed toward them.

The Grey Album

The Grey Album“The Grey Album” was released by DJ Danger Mouse in 2004. It used samples from the Beatles’ “White Album” and Jay-Z’s “Black Album”, and became quite a hit.

EMI, who own the rights to most of the Beatles’ music sent a cease-and-desist letter both to Danger Mouse and to stores that were selling the album.

This lead to a protest known as Grey Tuesday, where around 170 websites posted copies of the album on their sites for 24 hours as an act of protest. This led to more than 100,000 copies of the album being downloaded, totaling over a million individual tracks.

Some of the sites received cease-and-desist letters after that, but no charges were ever filed.


AllOfMP3AllofMP3 is a music store operating out of Russia that (illegally) sells MP3 files for pennies each.

They’re already quite popular, but the people trying to stop them only make them bigger. In particular, US trade representative Susan Schwab has been very outspoken against them.

This recenly led an Allofmp3 spokesman to tell local media “Susan Schwab markets us so effectively – she could already be our press secretary.”