MIT police officers are perfect, got it?

It’s happened over and over.  Something is printed in a newspaper that an individual doesn’t like, so they try to hide it by stealing and trashing as many of the newspapers as they can find.  How’s that usually work out for them?

In this case, it was police officers at MIT.  One of them was caught dealing drugs and a story about it was wirtten in “The Tech”, the MIT paper.  Two other officers have now been suspended after they dumped about 300 copies of the paper in a recycling bin.  Of course, this didn’t stop the story from being published on the the paper’s website, and now it’s getting a lot more attention.

Seems to be like these two ought to be fired — not for what they did necessarily, but for showing just how short-sighted they are.  I certainly wouldn’t want people that dumb to be working for me.

Lacrosse Players’ lawsuit against Duke

(via Techdirt) As you probably know, three Duke lacrosse players were accused of rape a few years ago, in a case that gained tons of media attention.  The case was eventually dropped, but not before they were destroyed by the school, prosecutors and the media in general.

Now, the lacrosse players are suing Duke University and city of Durham.  To keep up with things, they’ve set up a blog at  The city and university aren’t too happy about it, so they’re trying to force the blog offline.  Now the website is being mentioned all over the internet, gaining much more attention than it would have otherwise received.