Tiger has more to reveal

What’s worse than having nude photographs of you floating around?  Try being Tiger Woods and having nude photographs of you floating around.  Yes, things could actually still get worse for ol’ Tiger, and his Lawyers aren’t helping the situation.

According to TechDirt, Tiger’s London based lawyers have recently gagged the UK press from discussing certain details of his personal life.  This only means one thing – there are more saucy details yet to be revealed about Tiger’s escapades.  The question is, what are these details?

Reuters.com published an article mentioning this court order, and noted that the request specifically banned any British media from publishing nude photos or video of Tiger having sex.  Of course, that’s “not to be taken as an admission that any such photographs exist.”

They’re just covering their bases, right?  Maybe a better option would have been to keep their mouths shut altogether rather than bringing up the “supposed” pictures in the first place.

Just wait until the US media gets ahold of this one…those photos won’t be so private anymore!

Rick Pitino wants the press to not report on his press conference

Rick PitinoRick Pitino, head coach of the Louisville basketball team, has sure made a big mess — cheating on his wife, involved in an extortion attempt, and a variety of other strange things.  The problem is that he’s making it worse.

The story was starting to die down a bit, but Rick made sure it was front and center.  He called a press conference to discuss it, during which he told everyone to stop talking about it.  Huh?  What had drifted to being a third page story was now on the front page of every paper again — because of him!

To make it worse, he did some dumb things.  He loves to discuss national tragedies to make his problems seem relatively meek.  He brought up 9/11 in the past, and used Ted Kennedy this time.  The Sporting News theorizes that his statements during the press conference may get the trial moved to another state, which will be a headache for Rick to travel to during the basketball season.

Rick — you were advised by your lawyers not to say anything else.  Next time, listen to them!

You can watch the press conference below:

Did you know that Liskula Cohen is a skank?

Liskula CohenNot only didn’t I know she might be considered a “skank”, I had never even heard of her.  However, because of a short-sighted lawsuit to uncover the identity of a blogger that called her that, a lot more people now know.

This is another case where letting it slide would have been the best thing to do.  Why?  The blog in question had a total of four posts on it.

The big problem is the potential legal ramifications of this lawsuit.  The judge has ruled that calling Cohen a “skank” is potentially defamatory and not just an opinion or everyday insult.  To quote CitMediaLaw:

But Madden found that use of the terms “skank,” “skanky,” “ho” and “whoring” defamed Cohen because they appeared in captions near photos of the model in provocative poses. “Under these circumstances,” Madden wrote, the words combined with the suggestive photos “carry a negative implication of sexual promiscuity.”

Madden also rejected the blogger’s contention that the words were vague insults. “In the context of this specific blog, such words cannot be reasonably viewed as comparable in meaning and usage to the word ‘jerk’ or any other loose and vague insult,” Madden held.

It’ll be interesting to see where this case goes.

ESPN heavily promotes the Erin Andrews peephole video

Erin AndrewsA few weeks ago, a blurry video of a naked blond woman started circulating around the internet.  At the time, no one thought much of it.

Then, ESPN determined that it was their own Erin Andrews and started issuing take-down notices to any sites that hosted the video.  Since then, as I’m sure you’ve heard, it’s become a huge story in the news.  Now, rather than a few people knowing about the video with some random woman in it, millions of people know about the video and know for sure that it’s Erin Andrews.

This is a tough situation.  The person that shot the video was very obviously doing something illegal, and it’s understandable that ESPN and Andrews would want it removed.  However, their actions have promoted the video to millions of people, and thousands of them likely have seen it.  Sometimes when you want something bad to go away, the best thing to do is simply ignore it.