Don’t cry over bad reviews

We all know how bad it hurts when someone negatively comments on your work, but don’t they say “learn from your mistakes”, not “attempt to burry them in an enraged public display”?

Well, law professor Karin Calvo-Goller didn’t get the memo.

After writing a book entitled Trial Proceedings of the International Criminal Court: ICTY and ICTR Precedents; fellow law professor Thomas Weigend responds with a critical and somewhat negative review. Calvo-Goller’s reaction? Quite negative as well.

Rather than accepting that others views often differ from your own, she demanded that Weigend suppress the review for fear it would negatively impact her reputation.  When her request was declined, Calvo-Goller brought him to court on the grounds of criminal libel.

Whew, her feelings were really hurt.

What did Calvo-Goller do wrong in this situation?  Rather than covering up the fact she may or may not have written a credible ICC “Trial Proceedings” book, she illuminated the fact that she may or may not have written a credible ICC “Trial Proceedings” book.



  1. Christian R. Conrad says:

    While it was prof. Weigend who wrote the review, it isn’t him she’s suing; it’s the editor who published the review, prof. Joseph Weiler.


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