A “crack-down” on UK Chiropractors

Chiropractors are notoriously one of the most controversial members of the medical world, and recently UK chrios have been second guessing their participation in the field.

Last year, Dr. Simon Singh was sued by the British Chiropractic Association for publishing his doubts on what some chiropractors were claiming their care could cure.  His article in the Guardian explained  there was little (if any) evidence to support some of the claims used by the BCA concerning what chiropractors could treat.  The resulting law suit got very messy and,  because the UK laws greatly favor those who claim defamation, things are not going well for the BCA.  Much attention is now focused on the questionable treatments the BCA once boasted about.

Surprisingly, much of the “dirt” that has resulted from this case has been uncovered by a group of bloggers that dug deeper into the case than some UK journalists.  One blogger reports that every chiropractor associated with the BCA is being examined for false marketing claims.  The findings show that a staggering one in four chiropractors in Britain are now under investigation for allegedly making misleading claims in advertisements.

If the BCA is smart, they will rethink their marketing plan STAT, or the world of chiropractic “medicine” will change forever.


  1. Beverly Johnson says:

    Interesting. No chiropractor cures anything. No medical doctor cures anything. No drug cures anything. The drug is a powerful change agent for the symptom, but not without side affects, most of which we still don’t know are happening. The patient’s subconscious produces their disease or symptom. Oliver Sacks famous quote is right on. “There is nothing alive which is not individual: our health is ours; our diseases are ours; our reactions are ours—no less than our minds or our faces. Our health, diseases and reactions cannot be understood in vitro, in themselves; they can only be understood with reference to us, as expressions of our nature, our living, our being-here in the world.” –Oliver Sacks, Awakenings
    But if the Medical Doctor or a Doctor of Chiropractic were to tell a patient that, the response is anger and the patient will never come back…they will find somebody else who will “cure” them.

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  3. seo irvine says:

    Chiropractors are notoriously one of the most controversial members of the medical world

  4. Very interesting that the UK seems to have completely turned around. Earlier, they were against Simon Singh for his comments against Chiroprators. Now, they are cracking down on them. What part of this isn’t political?

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