Tiger has more to reveal

What’s worse than having nude photographs of you floating around?  Try being Tiger Woods and having nude photographs of you floating around.  Yes, things could actually still get worse for ol’ Tiger, and his Lawyers aren’t helping the situation.

According to TechDirt, Tiger’s London based lawyers have recently gagged the UK press from discussing certain details of his personal life.  This only means one thing – there are more saucy details yet to be revealed about Tiger’s escapades.  The question is, what are these details?

Reuters.com published an article mentioning this court order, and noted that the request specifically banned any British media from publishing nude photos or video of Tiger having sex.  Of course, that’s “not to be taken as an admission that any such photographs exist.”

They’re just covering their bases, right?  Maybe a better option would have been to keep their mouths shut altogether rather than bringing up the “supposed” pictures in the first place.

Just wait until the US media gets ahold of this one…those photos won’t be so private anymore!

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