Make sure people don’t know that Ivell Marketing is a boring place to work

Kimberley Swann16-year-old Kimberley Swann had recently been hired by Ivell Marketing & Logistics to do some office administration work — shred paper, scan documents, etc.  She updated her Facebook status a number of times to reflect how boring the work was.  Some of the updates included:

  • first day at work. omg!! So dull!!
  • all i do is shred holepunch n scan paper!!! omg!
  • im so totally bord!!!

Considering the kind of work she describes, I can’t say I blame her for being bored.  Her boss didn’t see it that way.  After discovering the posts, he called Kimberley into his office, fired her, and told her:

I have seen your comments on Facebook and I don’t want my company being in the news.

Oops.  He didn’t mention any problems with her performance, and she hadn’t been using the companies name in her updates.  It’s also not clear whether she was posting from work or not, but it seems that she was.  If it was a problem, he probably should have at least asked her not to play on Facebook during work, which would be fair.

As it turns out, this story is now on the Daily Mail, Fark, Fox News, the Telegraph and many other sites.  So much for keeping his company out of the news.


  1. Frankly, I think she’s probably better off out of there and looking for a better job. Ivell seems like a pretty ugly outfit to me. They seem pretty proud and pleased with themselves as agents for selling off UK Manufacturing to Asian sweatshops. And if they are so paranoid that one comment by a sixteen year old girl might do harm to their company, they need to get a grip. Has Steve Ivell considered for one moment that she might actually be right, and that Ivell is actually a boring place to work, and that the company and management have a role in deciding whether the place is interesting or boring to work at by setting the atmosphere?

  2. So Mr. Ivell wanted to keep it a secret from the good folks in Clacton that his teenage assistant found work to be boring? And now I am reading all about this sitting at a desk thousands of miles away in the USA.

  3. Ibvell has just been on the TV

    What a petty minded arrogant fool he is.

    I hiope he loses his customer s and ends up in the bankrupcy court

    The so called co-worker should also be ashamed


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