Wall Street Journal rep tries to buy all of the copies of a WSJ parody paper

To mark the April 15 tax deadline, the parody newspaper My Wall Street Journal was on news stands this week, featuring a topless sketch of Ann Coulter.

According to the owner of a local news stand, a man wearing a shirt with a WSJ logo purchased every copy of the parody paper using a corporate American Express card.  He apparently went around to different stands to buy up all of the copies that he could, in an effort to hide the parody paper.

The result was predictable — Huffington Post (NSFW sketch in that link) wrote a story about it, which reached Digg, and now thousands of people have seen the paper.  I would have never seen this story if the man hadn’t tried to hide it.


  1. dave metz says:

    i’m the one who leeked it to the nyt, who originally printed it. it was surreal to see that what had previously been a joke (their youtube murdoch rant)
    turned out to be real. I saw with my own eyes: a WSJ worker buying every one of the parodies, with a corperate amex, no less. and i’m not the only witness. so funny it’s sad!


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