Couple sues Google to keep their property “private”

It’s almost like the story that caused the “Streisand Effect” to be coined.  Google StreetView captures images of homes and businesses all over the country.  In this case, they went on a private road to get their imagery, and the owners of a house on that road are suing Google to get the images removed (oh, and $25,000).

Of course, this has quickly caused images of their house to spread everywhere.  More details can be found on the Digital Earth Blog or the Smoking Gun.


  1. Did they really want privacy though or just a quick buck?

    BTW – Good to see you on the Google Earth Blog now!


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  2. […] not like the couple that sued Google for taking pictures of their house on a private road (which backfired badly anyhow).  Google had every legal right to do what they were doing.  That being said, I think the driver […]

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