Never heard of Httpshare? Now you have, thanks to the IFPI.

Httpshare logoThe IFPI, the RIAA of the UK, has convinced a judge to have — a torrent tracking site — shut down.

The site is located in Israel, and doesn’t appear to be breaking any Israeli laws. Like many other sites, this site is simply a torrent search engine and it doesn’t actually host any infringing content. Mike Masnick predicts that this will end up being a big win for Httpshare, much like a similar situation with the Pirate Bay. Lots of people that have never heard of Httpshare (like you and me) are now curious about what’s going on. Traffic to the site is probably going to soar, but I’m guessing the IFPI will call it “a big blow in the war against piracy” or some garbage like that.


  1. Haha, they never learn. They will continue to be completely oblivious to what computer and the Internet are, until their corporations and their medieval structures die out, like so many already have. Long live the independents.

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