Fat College Girls

Fat College GirlsIn April of 2007, a group of girls at Framingham State College went to a lacrosse game and cheered on their team, bare-bellied. When they found out that a photo of them was going to be on the front page of the student newspaper, they stole nearly 1,000 copies of the paper to prevent people from seeing the photo.

It’s worth noting that it is a free paper, so it wasn’t technically theft. However, the girls were concerned that they looked too “fat” in the photo, so that’s why they took the paper. I have no idea which ones think they’re fat, because none look that way to me.

Of course, now there are many thousands more copies of the picture all over the internet, as you can see above.


  1. I cannot see one fat girl in that photo. To go to such lengths to stop people from seeing it is ridiculous.

  2. Have to agree…no fatties there! 🙂

  3. im shahid

  4. hb nep says:

    My god. They’re skinny, not fat.
    Are they all anorexxics?

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